20 - 21 November, 2018
Shanghai, China

Laurent Ghio

Senior Product Marketing Manager, SaaS & Customer Experience
Quadient China
Laurent Ghio is the Senior Product Marketing Manager, SaaS & Customer Experience for Quadient, and has strong expertise in the field of customer communication management (with both a Masters degree in Computer Science and an MBA). Laurent is now part of the Quadient Product Marketing team. He has been working for Quadient since 2013. Before that, he played a major role in the acquisition of GMC Software, one of the former Neopost EDS divisions and is now part of Quadient in terms of vision and software strategy for Neopost Group. Today, Laurent is responsible for the SaaS vision and strategy for Quadient. Quadient cloud services cover digital information delivery, customer experience management, dash boarding and reporting services, solutions for financial services industries and data quality services around a single view of the customer etc. Laurent Ghio在客户沟通管理领域拥有丰富的经验,拥有计算机科学硕士和工商管理硕士学位双学位。 他目前任职于Quadient产品营销团队。 Laurent自2013年,便就职于Quadient。在此之前,他在Neopost集团的EDS部门收购GMC Software项目中承担了重要的角色。现在,GMC Software 是Neopost集团旗下Quadient的一部分,拥有共同的长远规划和软件策略。 今天他负责Quadient公司SaaS(软件即服务)的长远规划和SaaS的销售策略。 Quadient的云服务涵盖数字化信息传递、客户体验管理,仪表盘和报告生成服务、FSI解决方案,数据质量管理服务等。

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