20 - 21 November, 2018
Shanghai, China

Felix Liu | 刘菲

Head of New Customer Experience, Group Customer Experience| 新零售客户体验事业部总监
Alibaba Group | 阿里巴巴集团
Felix Liu, Head of Alibaba Group NCX, responsible for customer experience of Tmall, Taobao, and other vertical business units. His BU takes care of customer service, seller support, dispute management and other transactional risks associated with these business. Felix joined Alibaba since 2014, as B2B Group Vice-President, led the 1688.com (aka Alibaba.cn) operation, including the website product management and merchandizing. He enhanced the B2B website service level from the level of information exploring and online payment, deeper to logistics services and financial services, which are more essential for B2B wholesales. In 2014 Apr, a new B2B cross-border wholesale platform was launched, which is to help the overseas brands to sell product to China through a wholesale model. In 2015, he founded a JV (wuage.com) with the biggest Chinese steel corp Minmetals for a vertical steel B2B platform, serving on the board. Before Alibaba, Felix was VP of Amazon China, responsible for retail operations, including the cross-border retail business and global direct sourcing business. Prior to joining Amazon, Felix was the Senior Manager in Nokia, headed the Asia Material team. Felix holds an MBA from University of International Business and Economics and a BS from Jilin University. 刘菲,阿里巴巴集团新零售客户体验事业部负责人,负责集团整体新零售战略下天猫、淘宝及其他垂直电商的用户体验及服务,建立体验标准,提供用户超出预期的服务体验。该部门对接集团各业务单元及行业线,协同平台商家,借助产品、数据、智能及会员分层等手段持续提升消费者体验。作为行业的领先者,不断探索多元化的体验模式和变革。 刘菲于2014年加入阿里巴巴,担任阿里巴巴B2B事业群副总裁,负责1688.com (aka Alibaba.cn)的网站业务,管理网站产品及业务运营。 在加入阿里巴巴之前,刘菲担任亚马逊中国零售运营副总裁,负责亚马逊的定价系统,市场价格监测,采购运营,供应商支持,页面维护,精益运营,以及其他的公司战略性项目管理,成功建立了进口直采业务,并作为业务主管负责跨境零售业务的发展,。在次之前,刘菲曾担任诺基亚公司亚太区高级物料经理,负责诺基亚亚太地区的工厂及售后服务中心的原材料采购工作。 刘菲毕业于吉林大学信息系统及信息管理专业,后在对外经贸大学取得工商管理硕士学位。

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