20 - 21 November, 2018
Shanghai, China

Dr. Wang Chao | 王超

Managing Director, Private Healthcare & Wealth Management Center | 董事总经理, 私人健康财富中心
Taikang Life | 泰康人寿
Chao has over 10 years working experience in financial service firms and management consultancy. He has been primarily working in private bank & wealth management, insurance, retail banking and card payments sectors, specialising in Growth strategy and Business Model, HNWI Sales Effectiveness, HNW Client Analysis, Banking and Insurance Client Solutions, Merger & Acquisition, and Corporate Governance. In his current role, Chao is driving the development of Private Client Business for TaikangInsurance Group to provide integrated insurance, wealth management, healthcare management, retirement management and other premium services to HNWI clients. Chao’s previous experiences include: •Royal Bank of Scotland (UK&HK): led the development of Private Bank global business development strategy and initiative; designed and implemented the salesforces effectiveness enhancement programme, especially in Asia; set up integrated client solution mechanisms and tools to maximisefront-office relationship manager learning and client serving capabilities •Deloitte Management Consulting (UK): helped banks and insurance companies to acquire target companies along the value chainto expand; assist small-medium financial service companies to establish corporate governance structure and operational excellence •Accenture Management Consulting (UK): helped financial services companies build customer centric business models and operations; conducted client segmentation and insight analysis to enhance companies’ client acquisition effectiveness and persistency 王超拥有超过十年金融和金融咨询的经验。他主要从事于私人银行与财富管理,保险,零售银行以及支付行业,他的业务专长包括企业成长战略与商业模式,高 净值客户销售与开发,高净值客户分析,客户金融与保险综合解决方案,企业并购,企业公司治理等。 在目前的岗位,他主要负责帮助泰康保险集团建立和发展高净值客户业务,为高净值客户提供全方位的保险,金融,健康管理,养老管理以及企业高端综合服务 以满足客户多元化的需求。 王超曾经就职于: • 苏格兰皇家银行(英国&香港):负责私人银行与财富管理的全球发展商业战略和项目;制定和实施前台营销的整体效率提升方案,尤其是亚洲;建立一系列 的有效连接前台与中台的客户解决方案措施与工具,从而提升前台客户经理学习能力和客户服务能力 • 德勤管理咨询(英国):帮助银行和保险公司通过收购与兼并完成价值链的纵向整合;给中小型的金融企业建立发展所需要的现代企业公司治理结构,帮助企 业提升企业整体运营质量和效率 • 埃森哲管理咨询(英国):帮助金融企业制定以客户为中心的商业模型和运营体系;对金融企业客户进行客户分层和需求分析从而指导企业提升获客的精准度 和客户忠诚度

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