Pre-Conference Workshop


The fundamental importance of an exceptional customer experience management (CEM) strategy is commonly recognised in China, especially with the growing influence of the internet and social media on brand and product choice. However, many companies are just starting on their customer experience journey and are finding it challenging to get buy-in from stakeholders across divisions to collaborate and transform their organisation’s customer experience strategy.
Join this workshop to learn how you can get your customer experience vision heard, agreed and eventually, implemented. In addition, discover how you can build an effective business case to gain organisational-wide support.

Key Learning Outcomes:
· Building a customer-centric organisational culture
· Influencing cross-functional stakeholders and getting buy-in
· Defining customer experience objectives and desired results by conducting gap analysis between the existing CEM capabilities and where you want to be
· Encouraging interactions across business units and empowering every individual to take ownership to enhance customer experience delivery
· Training and developing your staff to build a robust culture for developing exceptional customer experience



· 建立以客户为中心的组织文化
· 影响跨职能部门的利益相关负责人加入与支持
· 通过对现有的客户体验管理能力与您想要的目标进行差距分析,明确界定客户体验的目标和所需的结果
· 鼓励各业务部门之间的互动,并赋予每个人相应的权力,以增强客户体验交付的能力
· 为建立卓越的客户体验培养与训练员工并打造强大的企业文化

Catherine Jin, Head of Guest Engagement, Greater China, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)
In Catherine’s current role, she provides strategic oversight, direction and leadership to maximize guest engagement throughout the entire guest journey, including service performance, product maintenance, social listening and standards governance & compliance for all 6 IHG brands in Greater China, representing the interest of the region on all global initiatives.


Catherine Jin

Head of Guest Engagement, Greater China | 首席总监—大中华区宾客体验, 标准及审核部
InterContinental Hotels Group | 洲际酒店集团

1:30 PM - 4:30 PM B: Developing Seamless Omni-channel Strategy | 发展无缝式全渠道客户体验策略

Customers are now interacting with brands through multiple channels and providing consistent experience across all channels is one of the top challenge in customer experience management.,

This workshop will explore how organisations can design, develop and maintain an integrated omni-channel strategy to ensure the delivery of consistent and high service quality.

Key Learning Outcomes:
· The know-how to developing your omni-channel strategy
· Obtaining a single view of the customer across all channels Leveraging the benefits of a data-driven, personalised CX strategy across channels
· Assessing the importance of mobile as a channel to enhance customer experience delivery in China


· 发展开发您的全渠道战略
· 在所有的渠道中获取每个客户的单独视角,利用跨渠道工具以实现以数据驱动的定制化个性化客户体验策略,获取竞争优势
· 评估移动渠道作为增强中国客户体验交付渠道的重要性