Post-Conference Workshops


9:00 AM - 12:00 PM C: Using Customer Journey Mapping to Achieve Omni-Channel Customer Engagement | 通过客户旅程图作为工具,实现全渠道客户体验

Laurent Ghio , Senior Product Marketing Manager, SaaS & Customer Experience , Quadient China Riccardo Pasto , Senior Analyst, Forrester Research
Increasing service expectations and the proliferation of engagement channels in the digital age has propelled organisations to prioritise customer centricity as their key business differentiator. In the quest to provide consistent yet seamless customer experience, recognising the importance of customer journey optimisation while transiting from silo systems to intelligently taking control of the omni-channel ecosystem will be critical to delivering superior business results.

Key Learning Outcomes:
· Embracing digital and mastering omni-channel customer engagement
· Understanding the value of customer journey mapping in customer acquisition and engagement
· Mapping the entire customer journey across channels and putting customer interactions in context
· Drawing relevance from the customer journey in designing transitions and experiences across channels
· Bridging the gaps between devices and channels for an improved and unified customer experience


· 大力使用数字化工具,管理全渠道的B2B客户参与
· 理解客户流程图在获得客户和增加客户参与度方面能起到的作用
· 绘制全渠道的客户旅程并将与客户的交流和互动贯穿其中
· 将客户旅程图的绘制,与跨渠道的体验设计联系起来
· 连接渠道和消费者使用的工具,从而实现优质、统一的全渠道客户体验

*Registration for this post-conference workshop is strictly open to banks and insurance companies only.


Laurent Ghio

Senior Product Marketing Manager, SaaS & Customer Experience
Quadient China

Riccardo Pasto

Senior Analyst
Forrester Research

1:30 PM - 4:30 PM D: Kick Starting Digital Strategy to Ensure Success in China | 数字化客户体验入门指南 – 开启您的数字化战略以确保在数字化时代的成功

Ted Lai, Head of Digital, Retail Banking & Wealth Management, China | 中国零售银行及财富管理数字部总监, HSBC | 汇丰银行
Placing a focus on digital customer experience management is a must-have strategy in today’s China. However, many organisations are struggling to effectively kick start their digital strategy, unsure of where to start and how they can adapt to the increasingly high expectations of their digital customers.

Join this interactive workshop for a fast-track guide how you can embark on your digital customer experience strategy.

Key Learning Outcomes:
· Mapping out your digital customer experience strategy instead of adopting a “going digital for digital” mentality
· Building digital capabilities through investing in the right IT system and CX talent
· Aligning the nature of products and services when designing your organisation’s digital customer experience
· Selecting the right metrics to measure ROI and monitor digital interactions with customers
· Ensuring successful transition and change management from both strategic and operational perspectives


· 绘制专属的数字化客户体验策略,而不是采用“为了数字化而数字化”的消极心态
· 通过投资正确的信息技术系统和客户体验人才来建立数字化管理能力
· 在设计组织的数字化客户体验的同时积极调整产品和服务的性质
· 选取正确的指标来衡量投资回报比例并监控与客户的数字化互动
· 从战略和运营的角度确保向数字化的成功转型和变革管理


Ted Lai

Head of Digital, Retail Banking & Wealth Management, China | 中国零售银行及财富管理数字部总监
HSBC | 汇丰银行